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What is a Pincode?

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post. In India, the Pin-code is 6 digits long. First digit means region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code. India has a total of nine PIN zones.

Channagiri Pincode / Post Office Search (Davangere, Karnataka)

Agarabannihatti B.O 577213ChannagiriKarnataka
Ajjihalli B.O 577213ChannagiriKarnataka
Aralikatte B.O 577552ChannagiriKarnataka
Beeragondanahalli B.O 577224ChannagiriKarnataka
Belalagere B.O 577231ChannagiriKarnataka
Belliganoodu B.O 577552ChannagiriKarnataka
Bulsagar B.O 577221ChannagiriKarnataka
Channagiri S.O 577213ChannagiriKarnataka
Channapura B.O 577218ChannagiriKarnataka
Channeshapura B.O 577221ChannagiriKarnataka
Channnagiri Town S.O 577213ChannagiriKarnataka
Chikkagangoor B.O 577215ChannagiriKarnataka
Chirdoni B.O 577231ChannagiriKarnataka
Daginakatte B.O 577551ChannagiriKarnataka
Devarahalli B.O 577215ChannagiriKarnataka
Doddabbigere B.O 577552ChannagiriKarnataka
Doddaghatta B.O 577544ChannagiriKarnataka
Donihalli B.O 577213ChannagiriKarnataka
Durvegere B.O 577213ChannagiriKarnataka
Goppenahalli B.O 577215ChannagiriKarnataka
Haronahalli B.O 577213ChannagiriKarnataka
Hebbalagere B.O 577215ChannagiriKarnataka
Hirekogalur B.O 577552ChannagiriKarnataka
Hiremalali B.O 577221ChannagiriKarnataka
Hodikere S.O 577215ChannagiriKarnataka
Hosahalli B.O 577224ChannagiriKarnataka
Ittige B.O 577221ChannagiriKarnataka
Joladhall B.O 577213ChannagiriKarnataka
Kagathur B.O 577221ChannagiriKarnataka
Kakanur B.O 577552ChannagiriKarnataka
Kanchiganahalu B.O 577215ChannagiriKarnataka
Kanivebilichi S.O 577231ChannagiriKarnataka
Karekatte B.O 577544ChannagiriKarnataka
Kariganur B.O 577219ChannagiriKarnataka
Kathlagere B.O 577219ChannagiriKarnataka
Kerebilichi S.O 577218ChannagiriKarnataka
Kondadahalli B.O 577552ChannagiriKarnataka
Kortikere B.O 577215ChannagiriKarnataka
Lingadahalli B.O 577221ChannagiriKarnataka
Mallapura B.O 577218ChannagiriKarnataka
Marabanahalli B.O 577551ChannagiriKarnataka
Medikere B.O 577552ChannagiriKarnataka
Medugondanahalli B.O 577213ChannagiriKarnataka
Muddanahalli B.O 577427ChannagiriKarnataka
Mugalihalli B.O 577213ChannagiriKarnataka
Nalkudre B.O 577544ChannagiriKarnataka
Navilehalu B.O 577544ChannagiriKarnataka
Neetigere B.O 577215ChannagiriKarnataka
Pandomatti B.O 577213ChannagiriKarnataka
Punyasthla B.O 577551ChannagiriKarnataka
Rajagondanahalli B.O 577213ChannagiriKarnataka
Rudrapura B.O 577218ChannagiriKarnataka
Santhebennur S.O 577552ChannagiriKarnataka
Siddanamatha B.O 577552ChannagiriKarnataka
Somlapura B.O 577218ChannagiriKarnataka
Tanigere B.O 577552ChannagiriKarnataka
Tavarekere B.O 577213ChannagiriKarnataka
Thyavanige S.O 577544ChannagiriKarnataka
Voddanahalu B.O 577215ChannagiriKarnataka